Recommended Maintenance

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Maintenance requirements

You must be very careful when performing tune-ups or maintenance overhauls on your vehicle in order to avoid personal injury and / or damage to your vehicle.

If in doubt, it is best to have your vehicle serviced and serviced at a qualified and trusted repair shop, preferably an authorized Kia dealer.

All technicians and mechanics at authorized Kia dealers are factory trained and use genuine Kia parts. Your vehicle will therefore benefit from adequate service. For quality service and expert advice, visit an authorized Kia dealer.

Improper, incomplete or insufficient maintenance could cause operational problems, damage your vehicle and even cause an accident or personal injury.

Maintenance table:

KM Month Service
6 000 6 1
12 000 12 2
18 000 18 1
24 000 24 3
30 000 30 1
36 000 36 2
42 000 42 1
48 000 48 4
54 000 54 1
60 000 60 2
66 000 66 1
72 000 72 3
78 000 78 1
84 000 84 2
90 000 90 1
96 000 96 4

Maintenance 1:

  • Drain the engine oil and filter replacement
  • Verification of the lights and outside lights and interior lighting
  • Checking the status and di esuie-ice and the windshield washer operation
  • Check and adjust the tire pressure
  • Checking the coolant level, battery, brakes, and windshield washer
  • Check the operation of the Horn
  • Checking and lubricating all fasteners, hinges and locks

Maintenance 2 (plus Maintenance 1):

  • Check filter air from the cockpit and maintenance of the housing of the heating and air conditioner
  • Tire rotation
  • Check operation of brakes, the thickness of the plate-segment, the functioning of the pistons/cylinders of wheels and the absence of leaks and damage
  • Adjustment of the handbrake, PRN
  • Treatment of the Pro Series of Kia fuel injection system
  • Checking the level and state of cooling fluid, visual verification of the system for leaks
  • Transmission fluid checking and filling, if necessary
  • Lubrication of the sealing of the doors
  • Vehicle road test

Maintenance 3 (plus Maintenance 2):

  • Maintenance of the front brakes
  • Maintenance of the rear brakes including the handbrake adjustment
  • Maintenance of the battery terminals and the battery status report printing
  • Verification of the State and the strength of the transmission belt
  • Verification of aspiration and crankcase ventilation hoses
  • Verification of the ignition
  • Checklist of tree training and bellows leaks

Maintenance 4 (plus Maintenance 3):

  • Checking coolant
  • Checking the engine air filter
  • Replacement of the fuel tank air filter
  • Verification of ducts pipes and supply agreements
  • Verification of the control system of programs including ducts, pipes and the tank cap
  • Verification of the exhaust tubing, pipes, catalytic converter and silencer.
  • Verification of components of the suspension including shock absorbers, the Struts, the pushrods and pads
  • Inspection of housing, linkage, bellows and the the lower arm of the Steering ball joints
  • Check the pump and power steering hoses
  • Checking levels of the transfer case and rear differential (applies only to models with all-wheel drive)
  • Verification of the safety of all belts and anchorages

Where should I have my maintenance done?

Repairs or adjustments resulting from improper maintenance or overhauls not performed are not covered by the warranty.

We recommend that you have your vehicle serviced at an authorized Kia dealer who uses genuine Kia parts.

However, maintenance and overhauls can be performed at a qualified auto repair shop that uses auto parts equivalent to those originally used in your vehicle or engine.

Record keeping

The owner is responsible for maintaining the vehicle and keeping records.

You must keep all documents and supporting documents proving that your vehicle has undergone adequate servicing and tune-ups in accordance with the maintenance table below.

This information is necessary to demonstrate that the maintenance and overhauls required by Kia's warranties have been carried out in accordance with them.

The Warranty Manual contains all the information regarding warranties.

Warranty and consumer manuals

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